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US-3036513-A: Rotary fryer patent, US-3045984-A: Fluid blender patent, US-3054223-A: Decorative wall covering patent, US-3056679-A: Methods for aging and flavoring meat patent, US-3090430-A: Metallic dual thickness partition patent, US-3101875-A: Valve and dispensing apparatus for pressure containers and the like patent, US-3103397-A: Lamp-fabricating apparatus patent, US-3112790-A: Control systems patent, US-3112837-A: Disposable plastic nursing bottle patent, US-3115553-A: Automatic telephone systems patent, US-3126096-A: Hydrostatic extrusion system patent, US-3135014-A: Sash balance connector patent, US-3153260-A: Closure hinge patent, US-3158059-A: Releasable fastener patent, US-3159037-A: Combination pick-off and self-check mechanism for transducers patent, US-3159414-A: Inserted nut pipe joint patent, US-3186029-A: Machine for making disk phonograph records patent, US-3186565-A: Automatic shingle stacker patent, US-3188105-A: Sled structure patent, US-3195298-A: Yarn spinning and winding apparatus patent, US-3198196-A: Hair treating container with a hair positioning and holding part patent, US-3213168-A: Method for making elastic fabric-like sheet material patent, US-3214763-A: Data recorder patent, US-3240941-A: Photosensitive horizon tracker using a reed scanner convertible to star tracking patent, US-3243025-A: Control valve for hydraulically actuated clutches patent, US-3243316-A: Method of producing electrolytic capacitor with colloidal film on cathode patent, US-3244267-A: Convergence apparatus patent, US-3264089-A: Slow release fertilizer granule having a plurality of urethane resin coatings patent, US-3302837-A: Fish carrier patent, US-3305241-A: Packing ring structure patent, US-3316006-A: Mortise lock hub cover patent, US-3317808-A: Variable speed motor control mechanism patent, US-3322616-A: Pulp digester control apparatus patent, US-3326148-A: Table patent, US-3353041-A: Electric motor rotor with encapsulated end turns patent, US-3353971-A: Ethylcellulose latex polish composition patent, US-3370564-A: Articulated ship and coupling means therefor having means to establish structural integrity patent, US-3372744-A: Plate type heat exchanger patent, US-3375579-A: Tool for cutting jacket insulation having a retractable knife mounted on a rotatable outer housing patent, US-3376622-A: Strand treatment patent, US-3379964-A: Well logging pad structure having pivotally interconnected members patent, US-3387514-A: Wire stripper patent, US-3418735-A: Load ejecting wall mechanism for scraper bowl equipment patent, US-3423147-A: Multilayer filter with wide transmittance band patent, US-3459997-A: Body grounding device patent, US-3483117-A: Hydrorefining of metal-containing black oils with a molten lewis acid and a molybdenum halide patent, US-3491372-A: Head gear with retractable eye shield patent, US-3492180-A: Method of retreading pneumatic tyres and moulding apparatus used therefor patent, US-3503582-A: Play gym construction patent, US-2420545-A: Dental flask patent, US-2422974-A: Control means for pressure cookers and the like patent, US-2433572-A: Corrosion preventive compositions patent, US-2450304-A: Outboard motor dolly patent, US-2469913-A: Electronic flash tube apparatus patent, US-2471471-A: Apparatus for simultaneously inductively heating a plurality of articles patent, US-2485325-A: Collapsible tripod dolly patent, US-2490252-A: Apparatus for making precision-bore tubes and other products of glass or the like patent, US-2511090-A: Ball projecting game patent, US-2529324-A: Bombsight patent, US-2547395-A: Container patent, US-2547996-A: Portable x-ray unit patent, US-2553066-A: Self-priming centrifugal pump patent, US-2554742-A: Electric cigarette lighter patent, US-2554823-A: Sandal with tab-ended straps patent, US-2556284-A: Cable operated hauling scoop patent, US-2560809-A: Method and apparatus for separating materials patent, US-2565009-A: Machine for splicing and repairing film patent, US-2573236-A: Mounting for sliding doors patent, US-2577682-A: Airport fueling mechanism patent, US-2582567-A: Shoe stand with polishing cloth guides patent, US-2583591-A: Method for recovery of vanadium-free chromate patent, US-2607625-A: Lawn sprinkler patent, US-2609759-A: Latch for hopper car doors patent, US-2613056-A: Rotary disk valve patent, US-2620793-A: Nose clip patent, US-2621268-A: Connecting device of the liquid manometer type patent, US-2625376-A: Road auger boring machine patent, US-5099525-A: Face protecting mask intended to be used in general medicine and more particularly in surgery patent, US-2627878-A: Yarn take-up and tensioning device for hand-threaded weaving shuttles patent, US-2636527-A: Male and female c clamp combination patent, US-2658689-A: Traverse motion for yarn winding machines and the like patent, US-2669417-A: Balanced slide valve for high hydraulic pressures patent, US-2686617-A: Method of and apparatus for discharging pulverulent material from bins patent, US-2693123-A: Open end ratchet wrench patent, US-2726750-A: Straightening arm for vehicle mounted elevators patent, US-2730431-A: Manufacture of sulfuric acid patent, US-2733884-A: averill patent, US-2735480-A: Seat and leg rest patent, US-2740335-A: Grating for bridge floors and the like patent, US-2746571-A: Portable wheel position indicator patent, US-2757321-A: Circuit interrupter patent, US-2777359-A: Means of correcting illumination for printing color films patent, US-2789629-A: Platform structure for upholstered article patent, US-2797397-A: Tube socket for printed circuits patent, US-2804522-A: Electrically trippable switch patent, US-2818635-A: Tool for hub caps patent, US-2825236-A: Reverse gear patent, US-2831925-A: Prepay paystation having improved coin hopper mechanism patent, US-2832890-A: Combination frequency selector patent, US-2833045-A: Instrumentation for the strain testing of rubber or the like patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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